octubre 2007

In the morning I usually get up at twenty to eight. I always watch TV before having breakfast. I go to school at quarter past eight with Saday.
In the afternoon, after school I sometimes do my homework in my desk sitting on my chair. After doing homework I hardly ever surf the internet.
At night, after having dinner I prepare the bag and I read a book. I enjoy reading mistery books. After reading, I go to bed. I love sleeping.
That’s my typical school day.



shopping, shopping, shoppping...
On Friday morning at quarter past eight I often go to school with Ander and Saday. We have five subjects and at half past one we always go home. I love doing art because we can paint.

On Friday afternoon I sometimes go shopping with my mother and sister. I don´t go with Ander because there isn´t school. I never go to a sleepover.

At night I always go home and I hardly ever do my homework. When I am bored I always phone my friends. Do you phone your friends when are you bored?

By Andrea Campo (DBH 2)

Maite's cat
On Monday morning, I have breakfast and I sometimes listen music. I love listening rap music. But my brother doesn´t like listening music in morning. At eight o´clock we always go school walking. We hate going to school walking.
In the evening, my brother usually goes with Olaia. At home, I always play with my cat, it is very stupid. I hardly ever do my homework.
At night, I always do my homework, but I sometimes phone a friend or meet with my friends. I like speaking with my friends, they are very funny. And this is my school day on Monday.

By Maite Presa (DBH 2)

hanging on with friendsOn Monday morning I always get up at half past seven. I hate getting up early. Then I go to school with my friend Garazi.
In the evening I sometimes go out with my friend Zulema. I love metting her. She goes to a diferent school. Then, I usually do homeworks on my desk between the wardrobe and the bedside table.
When I stay in I often surf the Internet, read magazines, download music… I phone my friends everyday but I don’t send text messages.
I hardly ever go to a sleepover to a friend’s house. But, when I go to Zulema’s, we play computer games, but she doesn’t like it.